New Dental Radiographs!

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We are so excited to announce we are adding Dental Radiographs to our Dental procedures!

There are many advantages of taking dental radiographs (or x-rays)!  Here are a few!

  • Viewing pathology below the gingiva and inside the tooth documenting the presence of lesions to support treatment decisions.
  • Evaluating an area where the teeth are not clinically apparent for root fragments.
  • Determining the cause of chronic nasal discharge.
  • Evaluating tooth vitality
  • Evaluating the number of permanent teeth present in a puppy or kitten as part of a detailed soundness examination before the secondary teeth erupt. Some breeds must have a minimum number of teeth to be accepted in the show ring.
  • Anatomical orientation and documentation of root structure before extraction.
  • Evaluation after extraction to confirm all root fragments were removed.
  • Pre-operative evaluation of gross tumor margins to help plan surgery.
  • Treatment planning evaluation when periodontal disease is present (gingival bleeding on probing, tooth mobility, gingival recession, furcation exposure, increased probing depths).
  • Evaluating feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions (FORLs).
  • Evaluating jaw fractures.
  • Evaluating oral and facial swellings.
  • Evaluating pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative endodontic treatment.