Important message regarding ER's

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We hope this message finds you and your furry companions in good health. We are writing to inform you about a critical situation that is currently affecting our veterinary profession and may impact the level of service that will be available to you in certain situations.

In the past few years, there has become a shortage of veterinarians and veterinary staff available to handle the increasing demand for our services. This shortage is a widespread issue affecting veterinary clinics nationwide. As a result, we not only anticipate challenges in maintaining our regular operations but want you to be aware of the challenges you may face during emergency situations.

In an effort to continue offering the best possible care for your pets, we will continue to prioritize our current clients for wellness and minor illness appointments. As much as we would love to help everyone, we must do what we feel is best for the health and well-being of our staff. This is the only way to continue to provide quality medicine to the patients already in our care and support those attending to them.

Emergency cases may be diverted to local Veterinary Emergency Rooms (ERs) that specialize in critical care and hospitalization. However, it's important to note that these ERs are also experiencing high demand and may be stretched thin. You may find them to be at capacity or have long wait times. You may also find that you will have to call multiple ER’s to find service.

To ensure the well-being of your pets, we recommend the following:

1.     Emergency Preparedness: Familiarize yourself with the location and contact information of nearby Emergency Rooms that can provide critical care for your pets in case of emergencies. It has not been uncommon for ER’s to go on “bypass” (meaning they have exceeded their patient load) and send you to another ER facility.

We have provided a comprehensive list of surrounding Veterinary ER’s here:

·        Mountain View Animal Emergency – Hagerstown, MD 301-733-7339

·        Partner Veterinary ER & Specialty Care – Frederick, MD 301-200-8185

·        CARE Veterinary Center – Frederick, MD 301-662-2273

·        Vet Urgency – Frederick, MD 301-288-8387

·        VCA Metzger Animal Hospital – State College, PA 814-237-5333

·        Shores Veterinary Emergency Center – Harrisburg, PA 717-798-8500

·        Rossmoyne Animal Emergency Trauma Center – Mechanicsburg, PA 717-796-23374

·        CP VETS (Central Pennsylvania Veterinary Emergency Treatment Services – State College, PA 814-237-4670

·        Valley Veterinary Emergency and Referral – Winchester, VA 540-662-7811

·        The Life Center Emergency and Specialty – Leesburg, VA 703-777-5755

·        VRA - Veterinary Referral Associates – Gaithersburg, MD 301-926-3300

2. Regular Check-ups: Schedule regular check-ups and vaccinations to address any potential health issues proactively, reducing the likelihood of emergencies.

3. Communication: Stay informed about any updates or changes in our services by checking our website (, social media channels (Facebook and Instagram), or contacting our office directly (717-485-3552).

Your understanding and cooperation during this challenging time are greatly appreciated. Our commitment to the well-being of your pets remains unwavering, and we are dedicated to providing the best care possible under these circumstances.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office. Thank you for entrusting us with the care of your beloved pets.


Dr. Johnson and the Staff of McConnellsburg Veterinary Clinic