COVID 19 UPDATE-March 20, 2020

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McConnellsburg Veterinary Clinic is working hard to care for patients and to ensure that our staff and clients stay healthy.

While we have been diligently cleaning and disinfecting our hospital multiple times daily, based on recommendations from the CDC and The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), we now need to move to the next step for infectious disease control.

Beginning Thursday, March 19, 2020, our clinic will be asking that clients call from the parking lot upon arrival and remain outside of the hospital for the safety for themselves and our staff. A technician will come out to escort you and your pet directly into an exam room, while maintaining social distance (of 6 feet).

·        If you are not feeling well, do not enter the clinic, please reschedule.

·        ONLY 1 person per pet to come into clinic.

·        No Children will be allowed into clinic.

·        Upon entering clinic, use provided hand sanitizer.

Anyone not following these instructions will be asked to reschedule.

Medication and Food pick-ups: please call us ahead of time to make sure your prescription or pet food is ready. Once you arrive in the parking lot, call us again so that we can arrange to bring your order out to you and take payment by phone if possible. This is to minimize money exchange, check exchange and pen use.

We recognize that some of our clients could be in higher at-risk group for serious illness. If you feel your pet needs medical assistance and have concerns about human contact at all, please call us so we can try to provide an alternative plan.

Lastly, you may experience longer than normal wait times in order for us to properly clean and disinfect in between appointments and client interactions.