Chipping for Chino

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Chino's Story:  A Good Samaritan brought in a stray dog found in Needmore, PA to check him for a microchip.  Turns out, the pet escaped from the owner's yard and has been missing from Baltimore, MD since November 2016! That's over 100 miles away!  Thanks to a Homeagain microchip, the owner was found and notified!  Within several hours the pet was back home in Baltimore!  The family was ecstatic and could not believe he was still alive and unharmed!  His name is Chino!

MVC was so inspired by this story of Chino's reunion with his family after being found over 100 miles from home 7 months later-all because a Good Samaritan had hime checked for a microchip!  MVC will be offering $5 off microchip insertion and lifetime registration for the month of July. Let's get our feline and canine companions microchipped! We are calling this event, "CHIPPING FOR CHINO"! (proof of current rabies vaccine is required)